the moral judgement of butterflies is here!


You can order it at the following addresses:

It is with immense joy that I can finally announce that TMJOB has been released and published in the UK/Europe Region. It will come out in the US on Amazon August 15th, 2022.

1. Book Depository:

2. Amazon UK-Worldwide (Except U.S):

3. Amazon U.S:

4. Blackwells (U.K):

5. Barnes & Noble:

Published by k. eltinaé

K. Eltinaé is a Sudanese poet of Nubian and Mediterranean descent, raised internationally as a third culture kid. His favorite smells are sandalwood, amber, and Japanese yuzu. He is passionate about cheesecake, the oud, the kora, handmade foutas, old school rap, Sufi literature, Greek mythology, and Sarah Vaughan. His work has been translated into Arabic, Greek, Farsi, French and Spanish and has appeared in World Literature Today, The African American Review, About Place Journal, Muftah, among others.

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